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The World of Bullmastiffs in 2004

The first issue of 'The World of Bullmastiffs', the bi-annual which covers the worldwide interestin the breed during the year 2004, is published in 2005. 



  • Oldwell - Synonymous with Bullmastiff. Tradition and success lives on, by Billy Brittle
  • The Bullmastiff in Canada
  • History, development and standard by Pam McClintock & Cindi-Lee Campbell
  • A dance based on trust - Breathtaking photographs taken in the Norwegian winter showing the rare, mutual understanding between a Bullmastiff and a horse
  • World of Bullmastiffs according to a Kiwi - Personal impressions of Jody Harrison from New Zealand on Bullmastiffs in Europe
  • The Bullmastiff year 2004 in 19 countries
  • Bullmastiff Champions 2004
  • Adverts of Bullmastiff breeders






The World of Bullmastiffs in 2004

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