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The pre-order price "The World of Clumbers, In the New Millennium" is € 55,00. After publication the selling price will be € 75,00.

Country Name Mailaddress
 Australia  Caitlin Ryan  c.j.ryan@optusnet.com.au
 Belgium  Sandra Bakker  sandrasnijders@me.com
 Canada  Shannon Van Norman  tricklecreekclumbers@gmail.com
 Channel Islands  Ginny Heaume  sarzeauheaumes@hotmail.com
 Columbia  Diego Fabian Prieto  Criaderovishnudelcypres@gmail.com
 Croatia  Lana Levai  booms.kennel@gmail.com
 Czech Republic  Zuzana Navelkova  clumber@clumber.cz
 Denmark   Randi Kristensen  hundehotellet@mail.dk
 Finland  Ira Sarlin  ira.sarlin@spicetwice.com
 Germany  Christine Kaiser  kaiser-christine@t-online.de
 Italy  Fabrizio Martinengo  vommalinvern@gmail.com
 Mexico  Allan Morales  alldansretriever@yahoo.com.mx
 Norway  Nina Johnsrød  nina.johnsrod@gmail.com
 Poland  Ewa Knuplerz  kaprysrejenta@gazeta.pl
 Russia  Tatjna Kuleshova  gallon5@rambler.ru
 Sweden  Eva Masthagen  eva_masthagen@hotmail.com
 The Netherlands  Sandra Bakker  sandrasnijders@me.com
 United Kingdom  James M Taylor  jamesmichaeltaylor@ymail.com


Network of Correspondents
In principle a correspondent has been appointed in every country. Your fellow countryman is the key figure in this vast project. He is the one to contact, for all matters regarding ‘The World of Clumbers’; delivering copies, placing adverts, selling books, everything.

Your correspondent has all the detailed information on advertising in '‘The World of Clumbers’ on a leaflet.
There are four possibilities:

1. A full page (A4) in full-colour:   € 295
2. A half page in full-colour:         € 200
3. A full page in black and white:  € 250
4. A half page in black and white: € 150

How to order your book and advert. Please place all orders with your correspondent and pay in advance. He will receive all the ordered copies for your country at his address and arrange distribution. The pre-order price of ‘The World of Clumbers’ is € 55.00. After publication the selling price will be € 75.00 plus postage from the publishers. 

Breed editor: Jan Irving via erinveine@gmail.com
Editor-in-Chief: Bas Bosch via basbosch@bbpress.nl

‘The World of Clumbers, In the New Millennium’ is an exclusive project of BBPress, publishing house in the Netherlands, which specialises in high quality dog books.